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Wally Lawder and the Stragglers!

Tucson Folk Festival, Court Street Stage, Tucson, AZ

I continue I am back the Tucson Folk Festival--one of this city's best events! I will be joined by the Stragglers. The Stragglers are a changeable bunch, and for this festival they are Suzy Ronstadt on backing vocals, Mike Markowitz on mandolin, Jim Dumbauld on bass and Jim Lipson on percussion. More info to come!


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Rhythm Mystic

A favored band from southern New Mexico.

Melanie Zipin

An excellent songwriter from New Mexico. My pen pal (really) before I moved to New Mexico.

Mark Holdaway
Excellent multi-instrumentalist from Tucson.
Ray Ashley

An old friend from the east coast, Ray passed away recently. I thought I'd leave this up for a while.