Duo with Suzy Ronstadt

Inn at Civano, 10448 E Seven Generations Way, Tucson, AZ

Wally Lawder grew up on the east coast. Suzy Ronstadt grew up on the west coast. They each have a lifetime of musical influences and since they met in Tucson a few years ago have enjoyed finding creative ways to team up to see where this synergy leads them! They enjoy combining Suzy’s lovely soprano voice with Wally’s pleasing baritone, performing lots of original songs and a few creative covers. While they have performed in numerous full band and ensemble shows together, duo shows are rare. In their duo shows. Wally plays guitar and they both enjoy adding some ukulele to the mix. Their combined sound might best be described as “folk-fusion”—fusing a lifetime of inspirations from many different genres into one easy going, acoustic-based style.